Happy Holidays

The Life is Hard TV (and Golf is Hard TV) gang went back to “real-life” and haven’t posted in a while. But when we noticed the sites were all messed up, we started thinking, maybe we should get back to this because, frankly, Life is (still) pretty Hard.

In any case, here’s to your and your families! We hope you have a terrific holiday season filled with good times, family and fun.

And here is to a great 2015. See you there.

Alkaline Water by Life is Hard TV

Hello LIHTV Fans,

We are entering into the growing world of Alkaline Water. Check out our new website where you can learn all about the amazing health benefits of alkaline ionized water:  www.alkalinestrong.com. In summary, alkaline ionized water is better then any bottled water and tap water. It is loaded with disease-preventing antioxidants, has a higher pH level and bottled and tap water, and is absorbed by your body for better hydration. The taste is amazing, is 100% environment friendly (totally green) and you can cook with it too. If you have any questions, give us a call 1-888-941-0220. We are always available to talk….and you thought Dave was only interested in wine!

Uncle Dave’s Hummus

Hey All,

Coming soon, you will be able to buy and taste Uncle Dave’s (aka Chef Dave) famous hummus in five varieties and amazing guacamole….you see, Dave has been making this for years for family and friends and after much encouragement (thanks Auntie Meg), we are going for it. Stay tuned…if you have a favorite flavor let me know!

Life is Hard TV #63 – March is French Wine Month

Ireland is not famous for their wines, which is why Glen Ro has decided to feature French wines during the month of March. Each month, you can taste wines from a different country. Enjoy the Chatueu Peyron – Graves ’09 and try the red, Chatueu Moulin Favre – Chiroubles. Both excellent values – watch to the end and meet some of the staff that makes GR happen. Drink responsibly please.

Life is Hard TV #62 – How To Get Corked

Do you have a bunch of corks you have been saving? If so, bring them on down to Glen Ro and Larry and the gang will glue them to the new cork wall and you will be part of Glen Ro history forever. If you don’t have a collection, no problem, just start saving the, Hurry in before it fills up.

Life is Hard TV #59 – Winter Beer – Happy Holidays!

Santa….I mean Larry, takes us on a tour of the more popular winter beers stocked at the Glen Ro Spirit Shoppe in Monroe, CT (just in time to help melt the snow!) Stop in to say hello to Larry or the wine experts, Jon and John. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Life is Hard TV #61 – Jamie Jones on Wine-Making

Meet Jamie Jones, expert wine-maker at the Jones Family Farm, located in Shelton, CT. 2010 was a great year for growing grapes in the Northeast, and Jamie shares some of their secrets to success. Be sure to stop by this summer to taste the fruits of their labor. Visit their website www.jonesfamilyfarms.com. Enjoy!

Life is Hard TV #60 – Wines with Jon

Jon and Dave try 2 new wines, Block Nine Pinot Noir and an Australian Sauvignon Blanc by Taltarni. Stop in at Glen Ro every Saturday from 3-6 to meet Jon and taste some new wines. If you want to be on our next episode, let us know. Enjoy!